The impact organisations can have on aid organisations

Foreign aid is very essential, and these CEOs and companies all make a huge donation to various aid organizations.

A large oil and gas company from the US has founded a fund to overcome the HIV/AIDS problems in Africa. The business recognised that the success of the company is directly linked to the standard of life and health in the locations they do business, so they aspire to develop the health in many areas in the world. It is not exclusively to develop the health of their employees, but to improve the lives of everyone in the section. One of the primary projects they founded was to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, their ultimate aim is to generate an HIV free generation which would be an unbelievable feat. The firm, led by Michael Wirth, teamed up with other foreign aid organisations and non profit organizations to help eliminate other diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. The difference these humanitarian organisations make is unquestionable and they help a great number of men and women, which might be done through direct help or through research and development into better treatment options or protective methods.

In the USA there is a lot of respect and appreciation for service men and women, and that is also exemplified by the range of aid offered to ex-serviceman. Individuals do their part for veterans through donating to aid projects, like the one created by Michael Corbat’s financial firm, or the person can volunteer to help first hand. Volunteering might be as straight forward as chatting with veterans that are alone or doing fundraisers so that the requirements of veterans can be fulfilled. Another reason why aid for veterans is so essential in the US is as a result of the amount of veterans there are; the USA has the largest military in the world today, so it of course has a huge number of veterans to take care of. Whilst the authorities does what it can for its ex-soldiers, the public have amazing fondness for them so they do what they can to help them out.

Aid and charitable organisation fundraising are possibly biggest and regular after natural disasters, and rightly so as this fundraising goes a long way to help repair communities. Lord Anthony Bamford who owns one of the largest construction equipment manufacturing companies in Europe, and the equipment they create is sought after in disaster relief. As a charitable move, the business donated equipment to different disaster zones such as, Ecuador, Haiti, Indonesia and so many other places. With the use of this high-tech machinery, it makes the clean-up and rebuild process far quicker for these places. It is a more unusual type of foreign aid or charitable organisation, but it is extremely effective, as it supplies exactly what is needed. This form of aid is something so many pharmaceutical businesses also do to attempt and prevent disease outbreaks.

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